Welcome to BYENCEE. A brand that centres around the customer and focuses on providing the best experience. Whether you are buying as a gift for a loved one, as a thank you present or even for yourself, our bespoke personalised jewellery is most certainly for you. From the moment an order is placed the creation process has begun as each piece is delicately crafted.


Once the jewellery is created, it is packaged in our sustainable paper bags which is then placed into a silk pouch, making the process of opening your order truly special.
All our orders are shipped first class with tracking within a week to ensure that it is with you as soon as possible.
I started of by creating custom candles for occasions and through this I was able to see the joy that a personalised gift can provide and how much it can mean.
This led me to search for other items that could be personalised to provide a unique and memorable gift or can be purchased for yourself. This led me to an item that embodies individuality: Jewellery. After spending a great amount of time learning the technique involved to create personalised jewellery, I was ready to create my own business.
BYENCEE was created to make the process of purchasing jewellery special down to the finest detail. We hope our personalisation process allows you to create a piece of jewellery that is special and meaningful. Our goal is to one day be able to deliver amazing experiences for people all across the world. We hope you like our products and we thank you for visiting us :).